Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Paragons ~ Left With A Broken Heart

Well I grew up not particularly loving this song. My Dad used to like to toy around with it and mess with the lyrics. True, he probably did it to get the reaction of squeals and whines. However, now that I listen to it, 25 years later, it feels like an old comfy blanket.

(I've given up and finding good videos and music; so I will be solely concentrating on the music from now on!)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Eyes Are Mean To Me

So apparently, YouTube has sparked all types of unexpected phenomena; including something where you take some sort of film, images, or whatever and mix them with a song. I have casually heard this referred to as "edits".

Now you would think that I would find such stuff campy, but it's actually quite fascinating to me. Maybe because I have always had a pretty crazy imagination anyway and this is like my craziest ideas coming to fruition. Now, I remember being little and going to Showbiz Pizza and hearing them perform classic rock songs by the Beatles. But nothing, I mean nothing could have prepared me for this:

However I am thinking that this wasn't a true edit; but rather someone has the animatronics, and did the programming. If that's not the case with the previous one; then definitely with this one... (notice the bad lighting and simplified action)

Not to worry though, there are genuine, bona fide edits out there. Like this one (that I think is simply amazing):

The original is here by the way; and it's a very different song they are really dancing to, believe me!

Then there is this one:

Someone found an old clip of Russian (European?) soldiers and melded it with Run DMC. Wow. I can only imagine what else is out there!