Sunday, October 12, 2008

History Of Ska & Rock Steady - Parts I & II

The second segment is dedicated to rocksteady; and is good. Not too much information...just a lot of tunes and pictures (some very, very "random")

The Aggrovators ~ Straight to Channel One Head

I believe King Tubby is at work here; I hope so, because it's only fitting to use the work from the dub King himself for my first dub post! The original song was "Carefree Girl" by the Mighty Diamonds.

The Gaylads ~ Joy In The Morning

I think they may have changed their name to "Psalms". Nevertheless, this is a great, great song. It's been covered several times, but I still feel their version is the best.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Favorite Scene From A Favorite Movie

Hahahaha...I love this scene in "Rockers" -- where they hit up the uptown club playing disco (called "soul music") and throw the DJ out to spin and version "Queen Majesty" by the Techniques. It's classic how Dirty Harry talks to the police officers...

Burning Spear ~ Mi Gi Dem

Burning Spear is one-of-a-kind. He's one of those universalist-type Rastafarians. My dad would call him a "conscious" reggae artist. This live version is very good and close to the studio version. And the percussionist is a riot. Wow. :-)

Yet Another Blog...

Ok, so after spending about an hour watching and listening to old reggae tunes on YouTube, I decided that I want to write about this stuff...but not in my other blogs. So I figured I would make a new one. Hey, it's free!

So for my first post, I'll included "Sittin' On The Dock Of the Bay" by Jacob Miller. I remember this song from when I was probably about 6 years old...and I didn't know Otis Redding's song until much later ("I left my home in Georgia"...took me by surprise the first time I heard it!). So wow...this sure brings back memories!

From my understanding, Jacob Miller died due to injuries sustained in a car accident at age 27 in 1980. The story was that the police who arrived at the scene saw that he was a Rastafarian, and delayed getting him to the proper medical facilities. I'm sure I'll post some other stuff from him in the future...